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Reconnected At Last: Huron Pines Restores ‘Pivotal’ Shingle Mill Site on E. Branch Black River

Grayling, MI (July 2020)—A pipe culvert that obstructed the East Branch Black River for decades is gone and with it the persistent problems it caused with erosion, flooding and fish passage. In its place, a shiny aluminum arch ushers wild brook trout to 20 miles of habitat upstream of County Road 622 — vital spawning and nursery grounds supporting the river’s famed fishery. Huron Pines is proud to have led this effort, more than two decades in the making, to restore the Shingle Mill crossing.


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Stories of ImpactNewsLearning Initiatives

Helping Children Read and Learn with the Downtown Boxing Gym

Detroit, MI (June 2020)— Khali Sweeney grew up in the Detroit Public Schools not knowing how to read or write. He remembers the narrative that was reinforced to him over and over again — “it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re going to be dead or in jail by the time you’re 21.” It’s a narrative he never forgot, and one of his motivations in creating the Downtown Boxing Gym.


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Stories of ImpactNewsEconomic Vitality

Accelerating the Growth of Small Food Start-Ups in Eastern Market

Detroit, MI (March 2020)—With its rich, 128-year history, Eastern Market is one of the most beloved destinations in Detroit — a vibrant pubic market that fosters community connections, celebrates Detroit’s diversity and showcases its food culture. Over the past 15 years, under the management of Eastern Market Corporation, the district has also emerged as one of Detroit’s leading centers for entrepreneurship of all kinds, particularly in the food industry.


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Stories of ImpactNewsNatural Environment

Enhancing and Protecting Northern Michigan’s Most Valuable River Systems with Huron Pines

Grayling, MI (March 2020)—Clean water and healthy fish and wildlife populations are critical in making Michigan a great place to live, work, and visit. For 46 years, non-profit organization Huron Pines has been working to enhance and protect our valuable river resources in Northern Michigan. One of its priorities includes reconnecting coldwater brook trout streams, providing immediate benefit for rivers and aquatic life, and the communities that surround them.

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Stories of ImpactArts and Culture

Expanding Access to the Arts in Detroit Public Schools with Pewabic Pottery

Detroit’s inner-city youth often lack access to the outlets for creativity and self-expression that are available to their peers in the suburbs. When these teens enter high school and college, they start with a social and cultural disadvantage compared with teens from more affluent families. Detroit Public Schools and Pewabic Pottery are working to address this inequity.


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Stories of ImpactNatural Environment

Preserving Michigan’s Scenic Waterways Through Local Stewardship with American Rivers

Michigan is a state defined by water. While it is known for its connection to the Great Lakes, it’s also home to some of the most outstanding rivers in the United States: from the Au Sable, Manistee and Pere Marquette rivers in the south to the Presque Isle, Ontonagon, and Paint rivers in the Upper Peninsula. While boasting some 51,438 miles of rivers and streams, just one percent of these waterways are protected nationally as “Wild and Scenic.” Those that are designated need ongoing stewardship.

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Stories of ImpactLearning Initiatives

Coaching Underserved Students to Success in College and in Life

The majority of jobs in Michigan – 62 percent – require a post-secondary education. Many underserved students are unable attain these jobs and the economic security that they will provide because they do not meet the education criteria. In community colleges, for example, only a fifth of students graduate.  Students often struggle as they navigate complex college requirements and juggle the demands of work, family and financial obligations.

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Stories of ImpactArts and Culture

Providing Cultural Opportunities to Underserved Families at the Detroit Institute of Arts

In an effort to connect with young audiences and celebrate arts and culture, the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) hosts over 75,000 school-age children through programming each year. Families with young children are one of the museum’s target audiences, particularly those from traditionally underserved communities. However, throughout the DIA’s history, it has not launched an initiative with a specific focus on pre-school age children and their parents or guardians.

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