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Virtual entrepreneurship training programs for Detroiters

Detroit, MI (January 23, 2021) - TechTown Detroit is set to launch a virtual 12-month series where entrepreneurs can learn from local small business owners about how to get started and begin operating a business.

Each month, a video will be released focused on a topic related to running a business. Videos will be available in an online library format, where participants can view content at any time. January's video focuses on social media management techniques and content curation, hosted by Juan Carlos Dueweke-Pérez of Featherstone Moments.

There will also be a live session at the end of each month, where participants can interact with each month's special guest and ask questions.

"It's for everyone and it doesn't matter if this is your first time hearing of TechTown," said Devin Kuziel, entrepreneurial education manager at TechTown Detroit. "If you have some really great ideas for your business, or if you have one but you're looking to formalize it, feel free to join us. Know that this training series is for you, but that there are also a bunch of other services at TechTown and in the metro Detroit area that are here to serve you.

“We really believe that we have to take care of our small businesses — they are the backbone of our economy,” says Jones Boyle. “They create jobs that can't be outsourced. They help build or redevelop commercial corridors and neighborhoods. They preserve culture and a sense of place and community. Organizations like Build Institute need to persevere to be there for underestimated entrepreneurs when they're ready.”

Registration is available on TechTown Detroit's website and there is no deadline to sign up. With financial support from the Walters Family Foundation, the 12-month series is free to small business owners in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park, along with TechTown alumni.

“The foundation is pleased to support entrepreneurs in partnership with TechTown. Empowering entrepreneurs is critical to our state’s economic prosperity, especially during the difficult times of the pandemic,” said Matt Walters, trustee of the Walters Family Foundation, in a news release.

February will focus on small businesses utilizing technology, hosted by Marvin Williams, founder and owner of Logical Owl. Williams will discuss various internet connections, hardware devices, cybersecurity and selecting a POS system. The month of March will be dedicated to e-commerce."

Article Source: Detroit Free Press, Staff writer Chanel Stitt

Tech Town's RBC Showcase Entrepreneurs Celebrate: Photo courtesy of Tech TownDownload a high-resolution version of this photo.