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The Walters Family Foundation was developed out of our family’s desire to work together to create a legacy of caring for our communities and the environment. We believe in supporting Michigan-based initiatives that advance cultural, educational, economic, and environmental vitality, empowering communities and the individuals within them to reach their full potential.


The Walters Family Foundation seeks to strengthen Michigan communities through:

  • Conserving our natural environment
  • Celebrating arts and culture
  • Advancing economic vitality
  • And empowering people to reach their full potential through innovative learning initiatives


Continuous Learning

  • We believe in lifelong learning, both through formal education and self-enrichment that embraces unique life experiences and exploring diverse ideas and cultures.


  • We value honesty, authenticity and building relationships of mutual trust and respect with all people.


  • We believe in investing collaboratively, stewards in partnership with those who share our interests and values.

Visionary Thinking

  • We value risk-taking, diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to challenging problems.